News & Events

eBOS Achieves ISO 27001:2013 Certification

eBOS participates in the NextGEM Kick-off meeting

eBOS Announces Strategic Partnership with Compliance 360 Ltd

eBOS attends the 1st Euro-Mediterranean Forum, EUROMED!

The Horizon Europe EO4EU project kicks off

BioSPRINT project marks the return to in physical meetings with its 5th General Assembly

eBOS Sponsors the 5th Cyprus Anti-Fraud Conference

eBOS attends iFX EXPO International 2022 with Strategic Partner Regula

TRUSTS Consortium met in person for a final plenary meeting

eBOS participates in the First Open Annual Workshop on Future ICT organized in Athens, Greece

eBOS participates in 5G-X-EU, the 1st Summer School on 5G Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) across Europe

PKF International EMEI Regional Meeting 2022

SANCUS partners meet in person and pave the way for a more secure IoT

eBOS joined the ASTEP project General Assembly marking its two-year implementation!

eBOS participates in Horizon Europe CAELESTIS kick-off project meeting

eBOS Sponsors the First ICPAC Mediterranean Finance Summit 2022

We are proud to Sponsor the ICPAC Mediterranean Finance Summit

A Must-Have AML tool

RiSK is on the Rise!

eBOS Attends Forex Expo in Cyprus

Get the Most Powerful Tool to be Fully Compliant ​

eBOS joins the 6G Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (6G-IA) as Full SME member

The TRUSTS project enters its final implementation year!

eBOS Showcases Technology Innovation at LEAP in Saudi Arabia

New H2020 Green Building and Energy Optimization project PROBONO kicks off!

SANCUS project makes progress towards a more secure ICT network

eBOS Sponsors the Prestigious Cyprus Internal Audit Forum

eBOS Attends Cyprus Fiduciary Association Annual Members Dinner

The story behind eBOS

Regulatory Technology – the way to optimize compliance

eBOS receives notable certification for Implementation of Good Practices for Gender Equality in the Work Environment

eBOS Team Xmas Celebration

eBOS Supporting Partner on the Latest CYFA Money Laundering Seminar: Real-Life Cyprus Case Studies

The 9th NextGen Payments & RegTech Forum – Balancing the Risks

eBOS leads the R&D way in cyber defence, by putting Cyprus on the European defence map

BioSPRINT project held its 4th General Assembly

Discover our R&D projects: new video on the 5G Solutions for European Citizens project!

Consistency, Efficiency & XML Ready in DAC6, the latest addition to WiseBOS Suite

9th NextGen Payments & RegTech Forum

The Future of Technology Starts Here

eBOS Stands Next to CYFA Against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing


TRUSTS – Discover our R&D projects

eBOS – to Exhibit at Gitex 2021

eBOS Technologies Supports CYFA & Its Events

eBOS Technologies Supports the 7th International Compliance Forum

MARSAL Plenary Meeting Focuses on Use Cases Paving the Way Towards the Telecommunications Networks of Tomorrow

Case Management–Web Version: We Make Mobility your Competitive Advantage

Discover Our R&D Projects

CHARIOT results featured in the “Journal of Airport Management”

RegTech is the “bridge” between firms and Regulatory Authorities

Η eBOS Technologies Συμβάλλει στην Ανάπτυξη Τεχνολογιών Αιχμής Επόμενης Γενεάς

eBOS Technologies is Committed to Continuously Offer Innovative Software Solutions, to Financial Institutions Enabling them to Prevent & Combat Fraud

eBOS Participates in the PLANET Virtual Meeting Dedicated to the EU-Global Transport & Logistics Networks & Innovation Management

SANCUS Partners Finalise the Platform’s Architecture During the Project’s 4th Plenary Meeting

The TRUSTS Use Cases Officially Enter the Execution Phase!

eBOS shares results of the ICONET Living Labs at major Physical Internet Conference

eBOS Technologies Ltd is a Proud Sponsor of the 11th ICTconfcy Conference & Exhibition TECH REVOLUTION

The ASTEP Project Completes its First Year of Implementation: All Partners Attend the General Assembly

MARSAL Marks its Progress Towards 5G & Beyond Intelligent Networks

The BioSPRINT partners plan the way ahead at the project’s 3rd General Assembly

eBOS Technologies keeps supporting the digitization of the financial sector

Gain the control of your corporate transactions and automate your administration procedures

Screening services by eBOS. Special Offer for 1 Reader License for Unlimited Searches

eBOS advances its knowhow on data privacy, security and federation through the TRUSTS Webinar Series

ICONET: A revolution on transport and logistics via Physical internet

FENIX Technical Workshop virtual meeting

eBOS team participates in the 2nd plenary meeting of DARLENE project!

eBOS supports the 5G PPP initiative to open innovation opportunities for the European Telco Industry

Advertorial of eBOS in the INBUSINESS magazine focused on Research, Development and Innovation

eBOS R&D team mobilised for the Cyprus Launch Event of Horizon Europe

eBOS Participates in MARSAL Project

eBOS sponsored the live online seminar “The application of DAC6/MDR in Cyprus”, organized by the Cyprus Fiduciary Association on March 11, 2021

eBOS participates in the 1st plenary meeting of the COPA EUROPE project

eBOS announces its sponsorship of the Nicosia Cycling Team

eBOS Compliance Solutions: Achieve a seamless and holistic digital transformation

Our next R&D destination: Horizon Europe!

New H2020 ICT-41 5G project 5G-EPICENTRE kicks off!

ICONET General Assembly virtual workshop

New H2020 ICT-41 5G Project VITAL-5G kicks off!

New H2020 ICT-41 5G Project 5GMediaHUB kicks off!

eBOS sponsored the 8th Banking Forum & Fintech Expo

The TRUSTS project partners reflect on progress accomplished towards a Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space and plan the way forward

New H2020 ICT-52 5G Project MARSAL kicks off!

New H2020 ICT-41 5G project 5G-ERA kicks off!

H2020 Project CIVILnEXt organizes Webinar on Innovation Potential

MonB5G 4th Plenary Meeting