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Our next R&D destination: Horizon Europe!

On Tuesday, 2 February 2021, the “Horizon Europe” programme was launched with a budget of around €95 billion for research and innovation all over Europe from 2021-2027. Horizon Europe is the ninth European framework programme for research and innovation, following on from the “Horizon 2020” programme (2014-2020).
It will be the biggest programme ever undertaken in Europe. The aim is for the European Union to lead the twin green and digital transition in association with a resilient recovery through an effective increase in public and private investment in R&D. European innovative SMEs, like eBOS, have an important role to play in this crucial and exciting transformation. Further to its success within the H2020 programme with 20 ongoing research and innovation projects spanning from 5G and beyond, Cybersecurity and Big Data to Clean energy, Fight against Crime and Transport & Logistics, eBOS Technologies is looking forward to the official publication of the work programmes and the kickstart of project preparation activities, in areas such as Digital, Industry and Space; Climate, Energy and Mobility; Health; Civil Security for Society; Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment, among other topics. 

Based on the latest data published in February 2021 by the European Commission, eBOS  concluded the Horizon 2020 programme as the #2 participant amongst all enterprises in Cyprus (overall ranked 6th at country-level) with 22 participations and received funding from the EU of nearly €9 million. ‘Over the past three of years, we have consistently reinforced our R&D capacity and significantly increased our successful participation in collaborative European R&D projects. This has been made possible by the unabated efforts, solid commitment, extensive expertise and wide experience of our personnel. We look forward to joining the Horizon Europe programme, where we intend to maintain our passion for excellence by further improving our performance and technological knowhow; this is pivotal for applying the latest best of breed technologies to our commercial products and services that are offered to our customers’, said Dr. Loizos Christofi, R&D Director of the Company. Our collaborative approach for Horizon Europe includes engaging partners, building the optimal consortium, developing new project ideas and innovative proposals together with our reputable and extensive network of partners. Consult our core areas of expertise and get in touch today with eBOS R&D Department for exploring collaborations.