Policy Statement

eBOS Technologies Ltd endeavour to provide consistent services which satisfy and conform to its customer and interested parties’ requirements, the legal framework under which the Company operates and the ISO 27001 Standard provisions.

The Company has prepared and implements the ‘’GDPR and Information Security Management System (GDPR - ISMS)’’ aiming to ensure that potential information security issues have been identified and are controlled, outlining the relevant operating principles and rules. GDPR and Information Security Policy apply to all employees engaged under a contract of employment or other civil-law relationship, and its Processors. The effectiveness of the GDPR-ISMS is monitored by setting annual information security objectives which are regularly reviewed.

Integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information are in the highest level of corporate priorities. Particularly important for eBOS Technologies Ltd are information assets encompassing information processed within the Company including information, human resources and ICT systems. The ICT systems, comprising organisational, software and hardware resources, process the majority of key information concerning the Company, its clients, the employees and third parties.

Being aware of the adverse impact of various threats on proper functioning of the GDPR and Information Security Management System, the Company through its official body, declares its commitment to continuously and comprehensively address of all issues concerning security of information. The Information Security Management System is implemented, maintained and continuously improved.

eBOS Technologies Ltd declares that it:

  • Ensures the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information received, produced and circulated within the services offered. Ensures the secure storage, processing and transmission of information related to its activities;
  • Ensures its full compliance with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Maximizes the reliability of its information resources, and continuously maintains and improves the GDPR and Information Security Management System.

Nicosia 01.04.2024