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Remain Fraud-Free this Holiday Season with WiseBOS Suite!

The Holiday Season, known for its sales surge, is overshadowed by the looming threat of fraud. Last year’s Holiday Season experienced a significant global increase in fraudulent activities, as highlighted in Visa’s Holiday Edition Threats Report. The report reveals that holiday fraud rates for top merchant categories rose by 11%, compared to their non-holiday fraud rates.

The latest statistics of Q3 2023 reveal 800,000 recorded cases of identity theft, serving as a stark reminder of the evolving fraud landscape. Anticipation for the upcoming Holiday Season suggests further growth in fraudulent activities, endangering business reputation, financial security, and peace of mind. Among others, risks include not only identity fraud but also the potential for high-volume transactions and account takeovers.

Despite the alarming numbers, businesses should view ongoing attacks as an opportunity to enhance their security and resilience. This enables them to navigate challenges and to emerge better protected against threats throughout the year. Strengthening defenses involves incorporating key solutions for compliance with the law and the regulatory environment.

eBOS core offering – the WiseBOS Suite – is a revolutionary, fully integrated suite of software solutions, designed to assist in effectively managing the risk and customer due diligence, and in aligning your organisation with the latest regulatory requirements.

WiseBOS Suite includes a series of innovative solutions, which enhance compliance capabilities, while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. These solutions include, (among others), WiseBOS Transaction Monitoring, WiseBOS Screening, WiseBOS electronic Customer Verification, and WiseBOS RiSC – Risk Intelligence, Scoring & Compliance for advanced KYC management and intelligent AML risk assessment.

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