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Research & Development

Vision, Strategy & Team Culture

eBOS has a long history of engaging with international research and technology organisations, industrial leaders, universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations and SMEs to drive collaborative technological innovation and bring best-of-breed technologies to enterprise customers, which add real business value in the most challenging corporate environments.

Our expertise and core competencies, as a software powerhouse, include back-end and front-end software, intuitive dashboards, APIs, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms design and development, quality assurance and risk management. Through our collaborative participation in European Research and Innovation projects, we enhance our know-how and incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies in our commercial solutions. We seek to explore radically new solutions and technological breakthroughs.

Our Goal

We fuse the knowledge and innovation gained from our participation in research and innovation projects into the development of innovative applications and solutions.

In particular, eBOS is interested in further developing and exploiting its Research & Innovation activities over a broad range of horizontal and vertical sectors, including 5G/6G and beyond wireless technologies, Transport & Logistics, Freight, Sustainable mobility solutions, Digital Security & Cybersecurity, Security of IoT, Clean & secure energy, Environment, Resource efficiency & Biodiversity, Smart agriculture, Smart Cities & Buildings, Internet of Everything, Edge-cloud continuum, Border & external security, Fight against crime and terrorism, Research Infrastructure, Defence etc.

Our Achievements

Participation in >70 R&D Projects
>€560M R&D Funding Raised for All Consortium Partners
Key Innovator in EC’s Innovation Radar
8 International Patents granted (EU/USA)
1st Top Ranked SME in Cyprus - FP7, H2020 and Horizon Europe Funds
Ranked as the Leading SME performer in Cyprus, Greece and 14 other EU member states

Our Core Areas Of Expertise

Technical Expertise


Intelligent Dashboards & AI/ML, Data Analytics

Intuitive Dashboards & KPIs monitoring; Interactive knowledge Bases & digital content; Data mining & Visualisation; Data & Graph Analytics; Development of AI/ML models; Deep Learning; IoT Data processing


Software Applications, APIs

Software solutions; Web applications; client / server application development; APIs design & development; Systems integration & interoperability


Cybersecurity & Blockchain

Security & privacy for data; Systems data encryption; Software-Defined Networking; Network Functions Virtualisation; Blockchain solutions & applications; IoT Security; Security and privacy by design


Internet of Everything, Hardware Electronics, 5G and Beyond

Integrated IoT/B5G testbed, smart IoT HW sensor nodes & customised electronic sensor interfaces; Hardware systems design, development & testing

Impact Creation Expertise


Impact Related Activities

Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation strategies, Business plans & Models, Innovation management, Website development, Social media channels setup & maintenance, content writing & marketing, Open Calls


Quality Assurance, GDPR, Ethics & Data Management

Risk Assessment, mitigation & compliance, Risk Management procedures & automated checks through bespoke software tools

Application Domains

We apply our expertise in the following areas. We are ready to explore more!

FinTech, RegTech
& Governance

Digital Security & Cybersecurity, Security of IoT

5G/6G & Beyond
Wireless Technologies

Transport & Logistics,
Freight, Sustainable
Mobility Solutions

Smart Cities & Buildings,
Internet of Everything,
Edge-cloud Continuum

Clean & Secure Energy, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Biodiversity, Smart Agriculture

Research Infrastructure


Border & External Security Fight Against Crime and Terrorism

Our Collaborative Approach For Horizon Europe

  • Writing Bids & EU Project Proposals, Developing New Project Ideas

  • Developing Business Plans, Performing Project Management, Technical and Impact Oriented Activities

  • Managing Risks & Data, Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

  • Building the Optimal Consortium, Engaging Consortium Partners

  • Elaborating the Budget, Verifying a Balanced Resource Allocation

  • Structuring, Planning and Implementation of R&D Projects, Defining Work & Time Plans

Our Affiliations