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SANCUS partners meet in person and pave the way for a more secure IoT

On the 17th and 18th of May 2022, Dr. Charalambos Klitis (R&D Project Manager), represented eBOS at the 7th plenary meeting of the HORIZON 2020 project SANCUS, “analySis softwAre scheme of uNiform statistiCal sampling, aUdit and defence processes”. More than 20 members of the consortium from 8 European countries (France, Greece, Cyprus, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Bulgaria), gathered in the capital of Greece, Athens, where the project’s Technical Manager hosted the meeting.

For the first time since the start of the project, the SANCUS’s partners had the opportunity to meet in person and strengthen their relations. This came at a vital moment, with the project approaching the completion of its second year and the majority of the technical activities initiated. After a successful first year, during which the partners have been designing the SANCUS’s architecture and specified the targets for project, over the past nine months, they focused on the implementation of the SANCUS architecture.

The meeting was focused on two pillars. The first pillar was for the Work Package (WP) leaders, alongside the task leaders, to present the progress and the work done for each WP, focusing on the implementation of the project’s architecture and the development of its five engines. The partners presented the current status of the work, the plan, as well as some demonstrations of the developed operational engines.

The second pillar was related to the integration of the five engines with the network orchestrator. As the project approaches its final year, the partners have turned their attention to the final integration of the SANCUS solution, for demonstrating the main outcomes of the project.

During the meeting, eBOS took part in the discussion on the integration of the engines, following the identification and classification of the security threats. Furthermore, eBOS, as the WP7 leader, led the discussion for the Dissemination and Communication activities of the project. As part of the WP7, the partners discussed the exploitation perspective and plans for the project, as well as potential incorporation of the project’s results in the partners’ product portfolios. The partners also discussed the prospects of a certification programme to be offered by SANCUS to third parties who are interested to leverage SANCUS solution.

More information for the project can be found on the project website

SANCUS is an EU-funded project under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 952672.