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Streamlining Corporate Procedures with RegTech Solutions

The corporate and regulatory landscapes have proven to be complex and ever-changing, with many organisations which provide Corporate Services finding it challenging to maintain clear and manageable records of the structures of the companies they manage – records such as corporate contacts, capital, assets, and all the additional information that companies are required to keep on file. This becomes even more challenging when companies need to generate the relevant reports. Incorporating RegTech solutions into your corporate procedures can help streamline and automate numerous processes that can be highly beneficial both from a productivity perspective and for the longevity of your organisation.

At eBOS, our WiseBOS CL (Corporate Legal) is a customised solution designed to assist in automating company formation, management, and administration processes. WiseBOS CL features a wide range of tailored reports and diagrams and is a flexible and complete solution that accommodates company structures, from simple to complex, allowing you to organise your corporate procedures simply and effectively.

Some of the key features and benefits of WiseBOS CL include the following:
Intelligent Dashboards

The dynamic and interactive dashboards are essential for providing you with an overview of your company’s standing. The dashboards are fully customisable and agile, allowing you to select the information that you need to have available based on the role you hold in the company, whether you need to have access to high-level information as a Director, or Financial information if you work in Accounting, and so on and so forth.

Document Management

The software includes a central depository for storing and managing your organisation’s legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, banking documents, legal documents, policies etc. Furthermore, WiseBOS CL supports automated reminders and notifications for several functions, as well as for documents with expiration dates, such as ID Cards and Passports.

Workflow Automation

Corporate processes and workflows are readily streamlined as tasks, and one can assign documents for reviewing and approval with just a few clicks. This automation helps organisations save time and reduce errors.

Access Permissions and Audit Trail

The system supports multiple users with various access levels, giving them access only to the information that they are entitled to view and edit. This ensures the protection and control of your company’s high-level sensitive and confidential information. The Audit Trail, runs quietly in the background and logs every action performed including the name of the user and a timestamp, acting as an additional layer of monitoring and control.

If you're interested in learning more about how RegTech solutions, like our WiseBOS CL, can benefit your company, contact us today