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Take your KYC Management & Security to the Next Level!

A top concern for institutions worldwide is undoubtedly the increasing risk of identity fraud – with almost all jurisdictions facing this unsettling challenge. While various rules and regulations are legislated across the board, there is still room for improvement.

The most proven solution to combat such threats comes in the form of “Know Your Customer” measures – KYC for short, which verifies the true identity of users by comparing data to the already collected documentation. KYC comes in several different services, such as facial recognition and document verification, helping institutions verify identity details effectively and efficiently.

eBOS is here to help counter identity fraud which proves crucial for many online service providers, providing long-term benefits for organisations worldwide. As the world continues to lean towards digitisation, it is imperative that they better themselves by investing in the best solutions to tackle scams.

Our WiseBOS Screening and Electronic Customer Verification solutions provide your organisation with the necessary technology to prevent criminal infiltration into the financial system while providing effective customer screening to produce the most accurate data while remaining compliant with global regulations.

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