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Technology Advancements in the Legal Sector

As technological advancements continue to rise and affect the way business is conducted in industries from all sectors, the Legal Sector would certainly not have been left unaffected by this trend. Despite the sometimes unavoidable hard-copy paperwork that courts require for certain documents, both single legal practitioners and Law Firms, regardless of size and areas of practice, need digital tools to streamline their processes, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Law Firms which strive to adopt technology into their operations to improve efficiency, are turning into Case Management and Litigation software solutions to coordinate the workflows of their partners, lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals and other administrative staff members. By seamlessly automating routine tasks and, in addition, ensuring compliance in terms of record keeping of essential documents in electronic form, legal professionals’ focus can finally be on the high-value activities, instead of wasting billable hours on mundane tasks.

WiseBOS Case Management (CM) for Litigation, is designed to simplify and harmonise the day-to-day tasks for the entire team of any legal firm. WiseBOS CM, assists you in automating the scheduling, and handlings of cases with personalised reminders for all crucial milestones on the timeline of the progress of the case. The solution keeps records of things such as meetings with clients, the date the legal server receives and serves the court summon, court appearances, court decisions, and the overall step-by-step process of any case from beginning to end. Over and above WiseBOS Case Management handles the notoriously dreaded task of billing, by managing and processing billable hours, with predefined charge types and fees and customised rates per case.

Also available, is the WiseBOS CM – Web, designed for lawyers and legal assistants on the move. This streamlined module offers easy access and editing of upcoming court details via phone, tablet, or browser, ensuring timely preparation and access to data and documents anytime and anywhere.

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