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AI-augmented ecosystem for Earth Observation data accessibility with Extended reality User Interfaces for Service and data exploitation: The Horizon Europe EO4EU project kicks off!

The Kick-Off meeting for the EO4EU project took place physically on the 29th and 30th of June 2022 in Athens, Greece, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). This 36-month Research and Innovation project is funded under Horizon Europe, and officially started on the 1st of June 2022. 

Ms. Giota Lilli (R&D Project Manager), Dr. Andrianos Yiorkas (Program Manager/Researcher) and Mr. Philippos Philippou (R&D Senior Project Manager) participated in this 2-day event chaired by the Project Coordinator Mr. Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, representing NKUA.  

EO4EU will provide innovative tools, methodologies and approaches aiming to assist a wide spectrum of users, from domain experts and professionals to citizens, to benefit from Earth Observation (EO) data. The project will introduce a Data Marketplace Ecosystem for holistic management of a wide range of EO data, providing a digestible data information modelling through dynamic data annotation and state-of-the-art serverless processing by leveraging important European Cloud and High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. Towards that aim, the project will focus on 7 distinct pilots, as shown below:   

  1. EO for Personalized Health care Services
  2. ocean monitoring
  3. food security  
  4. food ecosystems  
  5. soil erosion  
  6. environmental pest  
  7. bettering Civil Protection activities using EO-acquired datasets

The EO4EU Data Marketplace Ecosystem will integrate a plethora of EO data for monitoring and simulating natural and human activity, as well as develop and validate scenarios that would enable more sustainable development and support European environmental policies. The project will utilize existing background technologies and capitalize on available data sources and data exploitation initiatives, including Copernicus, GEOSS, INSPIRE, DestineE, Galileo, EGNOS, ECMWF, ESA/EPA, Datarade, CDP and Trucost Environmental. This will contribute to the EU Strategy in creating smart growth through open source and interoperable services, as well as blending a socio-economical, and data-driven framework facilitating Sustainable Development.  

eBOS’s role in EO4EU will be to assess and extract user requirements and system characteristics and deploy Customer-Facing Services that will offer advanced Graphical user Interfaces at all stages of the data lifecycle. eBOS will also set up and integrate the service-oriented architecture of the DataOps Ecosystem, as well as contribute to the Quality Assurance and Risk Management, dissemination and communication activities towards achieving the project objectives.  

More information about the project can be obtained from the project website 

The EO4EU project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2021 research and innovation programme, under Grant Agreement No.101060784.