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The Newly Funded Horizon Europe FuelSOME Project Officially Kicks Off!

The Multifuel Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) system with Maritime energy vectors (FuelSOME) project, kick-off meeting took place physically in Graz, Austria under the coordination of AVL, on September 21st-22nd 2022. This new Horizon Europe project officially started on September 1st 2022, and is scheduled to run for 48 months. 7 organizations from 6 European member states and 1 partner from a non-associated third country (Switzerland), constitute the consortium of this exciting and challenging project.

The maritime industry, which is a hard-to-decarbonize sector, is actively seeking for alternate solutions that can make it more climate friendly but at the same time does not compromise on the current performance levels.

eBOS is a consortium partner in FuelSOME, paving the way for establishing the technological feasibility of a flexible, scalable, and multi-fuel capable energy generation system based on SOFC technology, specially catered for long-distance maritime shipping. The outcomes generated by the project will not only benefit the maritime industry but can also serve as a blueprint / launchpad for applying the same technology in other sectors to reduce GHG emissions, thereby enabling multifuel energy generators to become the norm in the future.

In this 2-day event, eBOS was represented by Dr Stelios Christofi (eBOS Managing Director), Mr. Christos Skoufis (R&D/R&I Senior Project Manager, CISO) and Ms. Gianna Avgousti (R&D Project Manager) who presented eBOS’s role and responsibilities to the project.

eBOS is the Dissemination & Communication Manager of the project responsible for maximizing the impact of the project by promoting non-confidential results and knowledge generated during the project to as many relevant actors as possible. Additionally, eBOS is the Quality Assurance Manager, responsible for establishing and implementing QA procedures, thus ensuring that the project would meet its contractual obligations whilst managing and mitigating potential projects risks under the capacity of the Risk Manager.

More information about the project can be accessed from the project’s website 

The FuelSOME project received funding from the European Union Horizon Europe 2021 research and innovation programme, under the Grant Agreement no. 101069828.