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The Rising Need for Crypto Compliance

The fast-grown adoption of cryptocurrencies has presented many challenges for crypto asset providers in implementing AML procedures. The recent crash of one of the biggest global players in the digital money markets, FTX, has served as evidence that digital investment needs to apply traditional laws and regulations to secure companies from eventual bankruptcy.

Crypto asset providers can help secure a safe environment for their users by establishing an efficient programme and by incorporating automated systems that are designed to abide by anti-money laundering procedures and increase internal procedure transparency.

eBOS offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art solutions that are designed to assist organisations in effectively adapting to the complex and highly demanding regulatory framework, by adhering to laws and regulations. eBOS is proud to present the following modules that monitor clients effectively while carrying out customer due diligence:
  • WiseBOS RiSC (Risk Intelligence, Scoring & Compliance): an advanced comprehensive solution that provides more efficient and effective AML risk-based compliance capability to financial and non-financial institutions.
  • WiseBOS TrM (Transaction Monitoring): one of the finest solutions that accesses companies’ transactions and procedures and uncovers actual risks in the organisation or at the transaction level and enables screening for suspicious financial activities.
  • WiseBOS Screening: is fully integrated with Bureau Van Dijk, a Moody’s Analytics company, supporting access to the largest risk-relevant database in the world, with more than 13 million risk profiles and 120.000 trusted sources and with the capability of monitoring, for automated ongoing screening.

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