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The story behind eBOS

With steady focus, hard work and patience, eBOS evolved over the last two decades in becoming one of the leading SMEs in Cyprus and have managed today to have an international presence as well. Dr Stelios Christofi and Mr. Fanos Christofi the two founders of the company, talk about the story behind eBOS and explain how it became one of the leading and most innovative technology companies in the country. “Our strong dedication to our clients, the continuous support to our employees and our ongoing passion for research are the most valuable principles that have brought us to where we are today” Dr Stelios Christofi underlined in the special feature of Gold Magazine.

“Success doesn’t happen over night”, Mr. Fanos Christofi stated and in regards to eBOS’s strategy, he explained that the company’s team followed a steady and effective course towards achieving the goals set, with patience, persistence and passion, which finally led them to produce better and more consistent results.

“Today, eBOS is expanding its business & products and is continuously seeking to explore radical & innovative new solutions and technological breakthroughs”, the two founders quoted.