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TRUSTS - Discover our R&D projects

TRUSTS (Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space) is the second project eBOS  is launching in the series of videoclips, regarding its participation in H2020 Research and Development projects.

In this second video of the eBOS series of videoclips dedicated to the company’s participation in Research & Development Projects funded by the European Commission, we present TRUSTS – Trusted Secure Data Sharing Space.

Mrs Gianna Avgousti, who is managing eBOS’ involvement in TRUSTS, talks about the project’s main goal and objectives and underlines eBOS contribution.

The expected outcome of the TRUSTS project is the successful implementation of a federated data marketplace, the TRUSTS Platform, which will be demonstrated in three specifically designed use cases, thoughtfully extracted from real‐life scenarios, Mrs Avgousti explains. The use cases are set in the industry sectors of corporate business data, finance and telecommunications.

The project, Mrs Avgousti underlines, focuses on two complementary aspects, the first is the technology aspect, by providing a new state-of-the-art technology for a secure platform, vitally needed to interact confidently and successfully in a market and the second one is the business aspect, by developing and testing innovative business models and the effects of current, and future regulations, as threats and incentives for data enterprises.

Regarding eBOS contribution to the project, the company leads one of the three use cases where it leverages its flagship solution, the WiseBOS Suite.

The knowledge and innovation gained from the European Research and Innovation projects are used and implemented into eBOS products and commercial solutions, enhancing its know-how, and in turn delivering benefits to eBOS clients as well.