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WiseBOS DAC6: Your Shortcut to Stress-Free EU Tax Reporting

DAC6 regulations present a complex and evolving landscape for multinational companies operating within the European Union. DAC6 is a European Union Directive designed to enhance transparency and cooperation among Member States in identifying and addressing aggressive cross-border tax arrangements, ultimately promoting fair and effective taxation within the EU.

The Directive’s complexity stems from the need to address a wide range of cross-border tax arrangements while accommodating variations in national tax laws and practices among EU Member States. As a result, inconsistencies may arise in how DAC6 is implemented and enforced in different countries.

The European Union has established stringent penalties for failure to adhere to DAC6 regulations, and Member States actively pursue those who do not comply with the Directive. Intermediaries or taxpayers who submit reports late, with missing information, containing false details, or who neglect to file may face substantial fines. These penalties can range from an average of €20,000 up to €5,8 million in extreme cases – a case which in fact occurred in Poland.

Hence, it is imperative to thoroughly evaluate your obligations under DAC6 and explore strategies and tools for complying with the Directive. The goal is to ensure that compliance procedures are integrated seamlessly into your daily operations, mitigating any disruptions caused by the regulatory framework.

The WiseBOS DAC6 is a web-based, user-friendly solution designed to simplify and streamline tax reporting obligations related to the EU 2018/822 Directive (DAC6) pertaining to cross-border tax arrangements. This platform offers a standardised approach to compliance and makes it easy for users to meet their reporting requirements.

WiseBOS DAC6 streamlines reporting in 3 essential steps:

Identifies all entities in an arrangement;


The wizard automatically guides the users throughout the arrangement process;


The standardised XML File is generated and ready to be submitted to the Tax Authorities.

Experience the efficiency and convenience of WiseBOS DAC6 in action.

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